How To Enroll

Please see our Schedule page for semester registration dates. Want to get a sure spot in a class? Join GLNsiders or host a class at your office.

For all non-lottery classes, you can simply follow the instructions on the Schedule page to submit a class request. Once we receive your request, you will either be accepted or waitlisted for a class, depending on remaining spots. Once you are awarded a spot, you will need to place your $200 payment within 48 hours in order to keep your spot in the class. After 48 hours, we cannot guarantee your spot and you may be placed on the waitlist in order to allow others a chance at the spot. If you intend on taking the class but need more time to make the payment, please contact us.

Lottery Classes

Since our most popular classes often receive hundreds of class requests, we devised a lottery system to determine student selection.Portugese Foreigner Potluck

  • 5-Day Window: to make it fair, we give everyone who is interested in participating five days to submit class requests (log in to your GLN account or create one here) and enter the class lottery
  • Multiple Choices: you may submit class requests for up to three different languages to increase your chances of getting into a class! Note: you may NOT submit requests for multiple levels of the same language (ie, Spanish Tourist AND Spanish Explorer). Only submit a class request for the class you placed in through our online placement form.
  • Open Enrollment: many classes still have open spots even after the lottery is drawn so registration continues on a first come first served basis until classes start or until classes become full (whichever happens first)
  • Priority Registration: Did you know there is a way to bypass the lottery system? Read more about who qualifies for Priority Registration

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs!