Refer a Teaching Fellow

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” Japanese proverb

GLN Fellow AlumsGreat teachers are the key to your success as a student.  Not just that… but they are also the key to our community’s success.  If you have taken a language class with GLN or know someone who has, you might know the impact our Teaching Fellowship has made. Every year we recruit new Teaching Fellows, and this year you can help us continue that excellence while getting some cool rewards. Think of it as our GLN Rewards Program only you don’t have to stand in line to swipe your card.

More Fellowship applications => more teachers => more GLN classes in more languages

Every year we look for new languages and new teachers. Pass along information about our Teaching Fellowship and help us reach native speakers of any language who simply don’t know about GLN.

Even bringing just ONE new applicant makes a huge impact on the classes we offer you each year.

Refer prospective candidates and win prizes!

Kyung_Hwa and GinaHere’s what we’re asking. Just reach out to your friends, co-workers, neighbors, or even the person next to you on the Metro reading Vogue en français! When you tell them about GLN, mention your experience as a student, or use the testimonials from current GLN Teaching Fellows. Simply give them the materials we have for you on the next tab OR email us ( or tweet us (@TheGLN )  their preferred means of contact. We will engage them, answer any questions they may have and encourage them to apply.

*Note: To ensure every referral you make is accounted for, please send us an email at with the prospective candidate’s name and email address.


Thank you for taking the time to help with our Teaching Fellowship recruitment effort!

Let’s save you time. Here are 3 steps to make it easy to spread the word about our GLN Fellowship to attract potential candidates.

  1. Share across your Social Media channels and ask your social network to re-share.

  2. Identify native speakers in your networks and email them

  3. Post a flier at your office/gym/apartment building/neighborhood cafe – wherever it is easy

Do you know of any organizations which have access to native speakers of various languages? Perhaps a meet-up group, community or neighborhood association, local hotspot, online media outlets? Talk to them!

Imagine if every GLNer spent a few minutes to spread the word about our Teaching Fellowship and helped bring new teachers! This would allow us to reach thousands of prospective candidates. We can only grow with your support as our strength lies in our vast community of language lovers who wish our success.