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Have you ever been invited to a Chinese celebration or planned to go to a Chinese speaking country? Or are you just curious to learn more new words in a foreign language?

"Congratulations" is a wonderful word to say to express our praise for an...
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Translation Tuesday–vizlingo!

Hello, my dear GLNers! Have you ever wanted to communicate something in a different language, but you weren’t sure which language exactly you needed? Perhaps you couldn’t understand someone, and also couldn’t tell what language they were speaking? Well, if you’ve had this dilemma (or...
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Translation Tuesday–Rosswurst!

Happy Tuesday, GLNers, and hang on to your stomachs! Today’s translation story might be a bit much for you if you get grossed out easily, so don’t say I didn’t warn you! This particular story takes place in Germany. The setting: Freimarkt, an Oktoberfest-like festival that...
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