Teaching Fellowship

The GLN Teaching Fellowship is our teacher development program.

CHI Int_SP11 (32)We engage talented and committed individuals who wish to teach their language and share their culture with the DC community. Selected Fellows commit to a year (three semesters) of teaching with GLN. They receive comprehensive training, ongoing coaching and support to effectively apply GLN’s communicative approach in the classroom and build our learners’ communicative competence.

The goal of our Teaching Fellowship is to ensure high quality and consistency of our language offerings by recruiting, training and retaining highly capable and motivated volunteers. On the one hand, motivated and prepared Fellows deliver excellent classes and maximize student learning. On the other hand, Fellows receive invaluable professional development opportunities and real experience from teaching a diverse group of learners. This builds their confidence, skills and credentials and enables them to grow personally and professionally.

The Teaching Fellowship is a scalable and sustainable program that will allow us to grow our services and further our mission.

Duties & Responsibilities

Imran (Hindi)The GLN Teaching Fellowship is a rewarding opportunity, but also a serious commitment. GLN Fellows commit to a year of teaching their language and culture to the wider DC community.


  • 1-year teaching commitment = three semesters of teaching: Spring, Summer and Fall
  • Attend all GLN training sessions:
    • Pre-Service Training:
      • 5-hr Workshop I
      • 4-hr Workshop II
      • One-day long Fellowship Forum
    • In-service Professional Development :
      • Spring Mid-Semester Workshop  (except summer)
      • Fall Advanced Workshop
      • Ongoing coach
      • Other ongoing sessions and external opportunities
  • Create thorough lesson plans, adhering to GLN’s methodology and curriculum
  • Maintain timely and open communication with GLN at all times.
  • Commute to GLN class location (Note: Fellows may apply for a transportation stipend)
  • Perform administrative duties, such as marking attendance promptly
  • Represent GLN in and outside of the classroom
  • Between class preparation, teaching and participation in various trainings and functions, Fellows should expect to commit on average 25-35 hours a month to volunteering with GLN.


TUR I_SP11 (44)Serving as a GLN Teaching Fellow is an excellent opportunity to teach your language and culture, develop professional skills and experience, and make a positive impact in our multilingual community. Here are the main Fellowship benefits:

  • The opportunity to teach your language and share your culture with the DC community
  • Excellent professional development opportunities:
    • GLN teacher and leadership training
    • GLN-sponsored opportunities for external training and certification
  • Relevant and transferable professional experience and skills:
    • Teaching experience
    • Leadership
    • Management
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Public speaking / presentation skills
    • Flexible schedule: we will schedule your class time according to your availability (Classes take place on evenings and weekends)
  • Invitations to exclusive GLN Teacher and Leadership get togethers
  • Networking opportunities within our vast community of learners, partners, supporters and fellow teachers and other volunteers
  • Priority registration and fee waiver for GLN language classes
  • Membership in the GLN Fellowship Alumni Society upon completion of Fellowship which includes exclusive networking and career development opportunities

Note: This is an unpaid fellowship.

The GLN Teaching Fellowship 2014 application is now closed.

The application for our Teaching Fellowship 2015 will open in August, 2014. In the meantime, please consider applying for a Teaching Assistant (TA) position. 

Application Process

The Teaching Fellowship is open to Alison (Vietnamese)everyone and we do not require previous teaching experience. We are looking for capable and motivated individuals who are passionate about GLN’s mission and learning approach, committed to teaching and education, and driven to make a positive impact in our community. The ideal Fellow is someone eager to learn, a team player with demonstrated leadership skills, teaching potential, and motivation to improve and grow as a person, leader and educator.

The Fellowship application and selection process consists of three rounds:

  • Candidates submit an online application and their resume
  • Strong applicants are invited to an interview
  • Selected candidates are confirmed as Fellows upon completion of pre-service training

Selection Criteria

  • Passion about GLN’s mission and learning approach
  • Commitment to teaching and education
  • Teaching potential and prowess
  • Motivation to grow and develop as an individual and as a leader
  • Demonstrated leadership ability/potential
  • Team work and the ability to work in a collaborative environment

Fellowship 2015 Timeline

  • Application will be open between August – October, 2014
  • Fellowship interviews: October & November 2014
  • Fellowship Selection: November 2014
  • Pre-Service Training: December 2014
  • Annual Fellowship Forum and inauguration: January 2015
  • Class of 2015 Fellowship: January 2015 – December 2015

Please contact us at teach@thegln.org with any questions.