Our Teaching Fellowship

I love teaching and I love teaching with GLN. I am happy that I get to do something I love and to help others. I have made amazing friends and I am able to stay connected to my culture and language,” Fabi, GLN Teaching Fellow

FellowsLearn how you can help us offer more classes in more languages to more people! 

The GLN Teaching Fellowship is our teacher development program. We engage talented and committed individuals who wish to teach their language and share their culture with the DC community. Selected Fellows commit to a year (three semesters) of teaching with GLN. They receive comprehensive training, ongoing coaching and support to effectively apply GLN’s communicative approach in the classroom and build our learners’ communicative competence.

The GLN Teaching Fellowship helps us ensure high quality and consistency of our language offerings by recruiting, training and retaining highly capable and motivated volunteers. On the one hand, motivated and prepared Fellows deliver excellent classes and maximize student learning. On the other hand, Fellows receive invaluable professional development opportunities and real experience from teaching a diverse group of learners. This builds their confidence, skills and credentials and enables them to grow personally and professionally.

We are looking for highly motivated native (or near native) speakers of any language to join our Fellowship program! Please click on the tabs above to read more about the program and to apply.

Fellow Graduation

Our Fellows

Our Teaching Fellows are the heart and soul of GLN. They come from diverse educational and professional backgrounds, but are united by their passion to teach their language and share their culture with our community. It is their motivation, dedication and talent that drives our organization forward. To provide a better sense of who are Fellows are, we have identified several profiles which capture who they are and what they bring to GLN. (Or check our Fellow bios.)

Suna, Turkish FellowThe Graduate

Teaching Fellows in this group are either recent college graduates or currently pursuing a graduate degree. Through the Teaching Fellowship they gain more professional experience and build on what they’ve studied in school. They benefit immensely from the professional development and social networking opportunities that the Fellowship offers. The Graduate develops valuable professional skills, transferrable to any career or field, by leading a classroom of adult learners.

Imran (Hindi)The Adventurer

Teaching Fellows in this group have recently arrived in the United States, or are perhaps constantly moving around the world. They understand the importance and value of languages in an increasingly globalized world. They may aim to acclimate to professional life in the U.S. while imparting a piece of their culture, or they may aim to share their passion for traveling and experiencing different cultures by empowering our learners to do the same.

JohanThe Professionista

Teaching Fellows in this group are well established in their careers. They feel a strong connection to their language and culture, and show that through teaching and sharing. They view teaching with GLN as an enjoyable and challenging diversion from their career, as a way to continue growing while making a strong, positive impact in a different setting.

Sabine BonordenThe Educator

Teaching Fellows in this group are educators by trade. Education is their passion, and GLN is another great forum for them to share their knowledge. Professionally, they have worked with learners from diverse backgrounds and different ages. Their background may or may not be in language teaching specifically; either way, teaching with GLN aligns perfectly with their passions.

Liliane WeinrobThe Life-Long Leader

Teaching Fellows in this category are no strangers to volunteering. They may be well advanced in their careers or retired, and are always looking for ways to give back and make an impact. They are established leaders and they are drawn to GLN because we focus on building communities and on empowering people through language and culture.


Teaching with GLN makes me feel happy, motivated, excited and thankful. It has also enabled me to become a better communicator and motivator”  Karen, GLN Teaching Fellow

Serving as a GLN Teaching Fellow is an excellent opportunity to teach your language and culture, develop professional skills and experience, and make a positive impact in our multilingual community. Here are the main Fellowship benefits:Anita

  • A forum to teach your language and share your culture with the DC community
  • Excellent professional development opportunities such as GLN teacher and leadership training and GLN-sponsored opportunities for external training and certification
  • Relevant and transferable professional experience and skills:
    – Teaching experience
    – Leadership experience
    – Management skills
    – Interpersonal skills
    – Public speaking / presentation skills
  • Flexible schedule: we schedule your class time according to your availability (Classes take place on evenings and weekends)
  • Networking opportunities within our vast community of learners, partners, supporters and fellow teachers and other volunteers
  • Priority registration and fee waiver for GLN language classes
  • Membership in the GLN Fellowship Alumni Society upon completion of Fellowship which includes exclusive networking and career development opportunities

The GLN Teaching Fellowship has a significant positive impact on our teachers:

  • 90% of our Teaching Fellows thoroughly enjoyed teaching with GLN
  • 97% of our Teaching Fellows would continue teaching beyond the Fellowship if they had the time
  • 90% of our Teaching Fellows improved significantly leadership and management skills and 76% believe that teaching with GLN helps with their careers
  • Every Teaching Fellow feels valued and appreciated by the GLN community

Note: This is an unpaid fellowship.

Program Description

With our Teaching Fellowship we strive to develop the next generation of community leaders and educators. To that goal, we have designed a strong program to enable our Fellows to succeed and become effective GLN teachers and leaders.

FellowsComprehensive training and professional development: The program starts with two 5-hour interactive workshops where Fellows learn how to use GLN’s communicative approach (click on “Philosophy” and “Approach” tabs) in our classrooms. They apply what they learned by preparing and delivering 20-minute mini-lessons at the Annual Forum. Throughout the year Fellows attend two additional GLN workshops and can take advantage of external training sessions and various informal meet-ups.

Coaching and ongoing support: Each Fellow is part of a small, intimate coaching circle led by a GLN coach. As part of the coaching circles, Fellows discuss their successes and challenges, provide support for one another and identify ways to improve their teaching practices. The coach also visits the Fellows’ classrooms to give personalized feedback and support.

Curriculum and language resources: GLN Teaching Fellows use our own theme-based curriculum which is designed to build our learners’ communicative competence and enable them to communicate effectively in culturally appropriate ways. In addition to the curriculum, our Fellows receive a variety of lesson planning and handout samples and templates as well as an activities bank. Furthermore, they have access to our vast collection of online language resources such as visual aids, flash cards and other generic or language specific activities and handouts.

The Fellowship is designed in such a way that Fellows collaborate with one another and receive all the support they may need!


How Teaching Works

Fellow TrainingGLN classes meet once a week for two hours for twelve weeks in Spring and Fall semesters (and twice a week for hours for six weeks in the Summer semester) for a total of 24 hours of classroom instruction every semester. To accommodate our Fellows’ availability and the realities of our adult learners, classes are held after 5pm on weeknights and at varying times on Saturdays. Classes meet at metro-accessible locations made available to GLN through our collaboration with partner organizations (click on “Current Partners” tab) in the Washington, DC area. To provide optimal student-teacher ratios, GLN classes are capped at 20 students.

Fellows submit their preferred days, times, location and class level, and we schedule our classes accordingly. Our partner organizations provide various amenities such as internet access and projectors. Fellows are also able to request photocopies or to print class materials when / if necessary.

Our learners are a motivated and diverse group of college students, professionals, and retirees coming from various ethnic, educational and professional backgrounds and ranging anywhere from 18 to 80 years old.

See a typical class schedule on this page. To read about our unique and affordable pricing model, please check out this page.

Duties & Responsibilities

FellowsThe GLN Teaching Fellowship is a rewarding and impactful opportunity, but also a serious commitment:

  • 1-year teaching commitment = three semesters of teaching
    – Spring: February 2nd – May 2nd
    – Summer: June 1st – July 18th
    – Fall : September 9th – December 5th
  • Attend all GLN training sessions
  • Use GLN’s communicative approach, methodology and curriculum
  • Maintain timely and open communication with GLN at all times
  • Perform administrative duties, such as marking attendance
  • Represent GLN inside and outside the classroom
  • Commit on average 25-35 hours a month to volunteering with GLN (class preparation, teaching and participation in various trainings and functions)

The Application Process

2015 Teaching Fellowship application is now closed! We are no longer accepting applications for the 2015 Teaching Fellow cohort. The application for 2016 will open in August,2016. In the meantime, check out our Teaching Assistant (TA) program.

The GLN Teaching Fellowship application is open to anyone in the greater Washington, DC metro area. We do not require previous teaching experience. We are looking for capable and motivated individuals who are passionate about GLN’s mission, learning approach and teaching. The ideal Fellow is someone eager to learn, a team player with demonstrated leadership and teaching skills or potential, and who is motivated to grow as a person, educator and leader.

Anna & JuliaThe Teaching Fellowship application and selection process consists of three steps:

  1. Complete an online application form (available here when the 2016 Teaching Fellowship application opens in August, 2016)
  2. Strong applicants are invited to a 30 minute interview with a panel of GLN staff, and teachers.
  3. Selected candidates are invited to become Teaching Fellows and are confirmed upon successful completion of our mandatory pre-service training sessions (see dates below)

See below the timeline for the 2015 Teaching Fellowship cohort to get a sense of how it works. Should you have any questions or would like to find out more, email us: Teach@thegln.org.

Fellowship Pipeline