Language Liaisons

GLN Liaisons

Language Liaisons are students who volunteer to build a stronger, more fun GLN community.

As a learning organization, we are constantly striving to increase student engagement and improve everyone’s learning experience. To that goal, we engage Language Liaisons – language enthusiasts who serve as leaders in GLN classes.

The Language Liaisons are GLN volunteers in the unique position of assisting the teacher (with feedback and with communicating student concerns if such exist), engaging their fellow learners, and liaising between various parts of the GLN community.

The Language Liaisons are motivated, outgoing and proactive learners, who are able to energize their classmates and stir them to be active inside and outside the classroom.


Duties & Responsibilities

Language Liaisons play a vital role in making our language classes a rewarding and enjoyable learning and social experience. Language Liaisons contribute in the following ways:GLN Chinese Class

  • Serve as a liaison between GLN, teachers and learners
  • Help build the GLN community
  • Engage fellow learners inside the classroom
  • Engage fellow learners outside of class and encourage extra-curricular participation
  • Provide help and support to the teacher
  • Attend all classes and commit 2-4 hours per week to the Language Liaison role
  • Represent GLN and  ensure everyone is having a grand experience with the organization


Serving as a Language Liaison is a rewarding and fun experience! Here are some of the benefits:GLN Russian

  • Guaranteed spot in the preferred language class (aka “priority registration”)
  • Gain more experience, connections, and exposure to the language
  • Socialize with fellow GLNers
  • Develop interpersonal, management, and leadership skills

Ready, Get Set…

Language Liaisons Application

We are looking for passionate, energetic and enthusiastic language learners who are excited about helping GLN and their classmates excel in the learning process. Anyone is welcome to apply. The application process is as follows:Grande Bellezza movie night with Emmi

  • Complete an online application and send your resume to