What is a Virtual Classroom?


Looking for somewhere to go this summer? Go Virtual with GLN’s Online Classrooms!


This June, Global Language Network (GLN) is bringing 90+ language classes in 26 languages online! Whether you would like to learn Spanish (including the Argentine variety), Japanese, Farsi, French, Korean, Polish or Nepali, or if your language interest is one of many others, GLN has the virtual learning space for you! 

Learn with us by consulting the new schedule then submit your application here to secure your spot in class. 

Space is limited in this special learning environment, so apply today!

Are you looking to connect with others? Has the global pandemic caused you to wonder how you can engage with the world’s cultures when so much is going on? Are you looking to pursue new interests or to reconnect with learning a language that you may have started?

Come to GLN’s Virtual Classrooms! This summer starting from June 9th, you can go on a journey with others guided by a native speaker in a language (or languages – we love polyglots!). Together, you can build your language skills while challenging yourself in fun ways. 

This summer, look forward with GLN by pursuing language learning from anywhere!

What is a Virtual Classroom? GLN’s innovative concept takes the foundation of GLN’s immersive and dynamic curriculum and applies it virtually so that you can learn conveniently. GLN’s teachers are trained in the program to share their languages and cultures in ways that are empowering and uplifting. With 26+ languages and over 90 classes drawing from languages from all around the world, GLN creates a safe space to inspire learning and cultural engagement.

Meet others who share your language interests. Learn together with dedicated and inspired teachers who are teaching you because they really want to do so, with a unique formula that is only found at GLN!

Benefits of GLN’s Virtual Classrooms:

  • When you come to GLN, you are a person and a student, not a number. 
  • Your teacher is there to truly support your language learning, not to stare at a clock. 
  • The learning is dynamic from teachers – not computers – who are invested in your learning and in helping you to progress with the language at your pace.
  • The learning is practical. Designed to give you confidence to actually use the language right away, you will experience the GLN difference in class.
  • Need to learn something specific? Talk to your teacher! You aren’t a number. You are on a language journey and your teacher is the guide!

You will want to ensure that your equipment for accessing the class is ready to go, whether that’s a laptop, your smartphone or another device. Conveniently sign into your class to access your platform.

After careful testing, GLN is offering classes in several video-conferencing platforms designed to make accessing your class easy and convenient. Teachers are eager to bring their conversational talents to you along with the fun activities and resources of a GLN class, designed so that you are able to collaborate together for your learning.

Try a GLN Summer 2020 Language Class … Experience the GLN difference!



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