Anita Joseph

From: United States

Language: Swahili

Class:2013 / Alum

The Swahili language has at least three proverbs on patience. “Pole pole ndio mwendo” means “slowly, slowly, indeed we go.” “Haraka, haraka haina baraka” means “hurry, hurry has no blessings.” And “Haba na haba kujaza kibaba” means “little, by little you fill the pot.” Patience is the currency of life in Tanzania, where nothing goes as planned or works as designed. Nevertheless, patience is not a weakness but a strength, because it indicates a steadiness of intention and purpose. This is just one of the many life lessons I have learned during my five-year study of Swahili. I hope to share the wisdom embedded in the language with others, and this is why I am a GLN Fellow.