Noel Konagai

From: Hungary

Language: Hungarian

Class:2020 / Fellow

Growing up in Japan and Hungary, from early on, Noel acted as an informal ambassador of these countries to his friends. In part, because of this experience, Noel focused on spending time learning languages that were of interest to him at that time: English, French, and Spanish. When it came to his undergrad choice, he moved to China to attend NYU Shanghai, learned Mandarin, and picked up a bit of Shanghainese from daily interactions with local people of the city. Ever since then, Noel has been an avid language learner, and took his first GLN class in 2016 learning Hindi, then in 2020 learning Dari. Inspired by his former GLN teachers, Deepa and Wahida, Noel hopes to contribute to the mission of GLN by teaching Hungarian, his mother tongue. Besides GLN, Noel is passionate about privacy, security, and data science. He is currently working as a UX Researcher at Google.