Reiner Sánchez

From: Costa Rica

Language: Spanish

Class:2018 / Fellow

My biggest passions are language learning, teaching, traveling the world and getting to know new people, their language, their culture and fully immerse in their daily lives. For me learning a language is a key to opening whole and magical new worlds, a key that fosters understanding, tolerance, respect and love for people and cultural diversity. I am a travel and hospitality senior professional with over twenty years of experience in the marketing, sales and operation areas and a fervent ambassador and promoter of Costa Rica’s natural wonders and its peaceful and friendly people. My native language is Spanish, but I am also fluent in English, Portuguese, German, French and have an intermediate level of Hebrew and Norwegian. I was impressed by the GLN’s work, its positive impact in the community and how it fosters communication, connection and understanding through language amidst such diverse cultures and backgrounds. That’s what I call teaching with purpose and I definitely want to be part of this project.