Richard Vann

From: United States

Language: French

Class:2017 / Fellow

Mr. Vann began his career as a French and Spanish teacher on the secondary and college level.  Upon receipt of a Masters Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language, he taught at George Washington University for five years.  Leaving academia, he went to work for a Defense Contractor in the Washington area as a training specialist, servicing contracts with US Government agencies and foreign clients. During this time, he spent five years in the Middle East.

Mr. Vann’s true interest is cross cultural development and helping people deal with cultural differences and adaptation to non-native environments.  He designed a cross cultural course for the US Air Force to assist airmen in dealing with in adaptation and has assisted government clients in dealing with organizational change.

Mr. Vann’s first and favorite language is French.  He also has varying degrees of competence in Spanish, Arabic, and his wife’s native languages, Armenian and Russian.  He signed up to teach at GLN out of a desire to get back into the classroom, which he loves, and also to work with his favorite language: French.  (He has studied Spanish, Russian, and Western Armenian.)