A Global Vision for Communication: Thanks to French Technology Start-Up Mail Meteor

Global Language Network would like to thank our partner for mail merge communications, Mailmeteor. Beyond creating an excellent and innovative product for managing large volumes of communications through staying organized while staying organized to provide excellent service to the community, Mailmeteor is a partner for providing outstanding technical support while developing new features to increase operational efficiency. Learn more at: Mailmeteor.

Bonjour, Buenos dias, Buongiorno! Communication connects our world. We would like to thank our partners for email communications, the very helpful and effective team at Mailmeteor for helping our critical operations with their excellent service and efficient email solutions. As a nonprofit, GLN’s small but dedicated team needs easy and reliable communication tools. Thanks to Mailmeteor’s mail merge for Gmail, we are able to email with students, teachers, partners, volunteers and more. 

In the past year, we have teamed up with them for email campaigns that are detailed, precise and simple to execute. That is very important when we have time-sensitive communications that must be sent promptly. Mailmeteor’s customer service is very personalized and dedicated. They have been highly responsive any time that we’ve needed them. They also share an interest in our mission and in being socially responsible. We have been so impressed with their outstanding service including that of their founder, Jean Dubrulle, that we agreed to feature them and to thank them. They exemplify the best aspects of technology, innovation while still working toward a global impact for the benefit of humanity.

Global Language Network (GLN) is an educational non-profit organization dedicated to the mission of, “Using language as a tool to help fix our world”. Founded in 2005 in George Washington University, by the executive director, Andrew Brown, the organization is a unique forum for linguistic and cultural learning in Washington, DC. 

How do we incorporate Mailmeteor at GLN? We work intensively with the tools and discover new features everyday. Mailmeteor is a growing start up technology application that is adding more functionality to their email tools. We are able to configure sending sheets and to organize data for faster turnaround of our email communications. We’re also able monitor the readership of and participation in email campaigns in order to gauge our impact. Mailmeteor works easily with the Google Suite including with multiple email addresses such as those that help GLN to stay organized.

“When dealing with people, something crucial for our operations is being able to personalize our communications. However, hosting over 2,000 students and 200 teachers per year we simply could not send personalized emails without Mailmeteor Mail Merge, “ says Andrew Brown, founder, executive director & CEO of Global Language Network. 

Features that we especially appreciate using include the following:

  • Easy Organization for Email Communications
  • Functionality for multiple email accounts 
  • Personalization of emails to many recipients
  • Features for being able to review whether a recipient has opened and engaged with an email
  • The addition of new features such as the ability to send attachments or to send emails while performing other functions.

Once you become familiar with the easy process of learning how to use their product, you really find that you prefer sending group communications through Mailmeteor rather than any other mail merge software. GLN is able to neatly put together templates of our critical tools, resources, student welcome materials, curriculum documents, partner communications, teacher and volunteer training communications and more thanks to Mailmeteor. With their excellent service for their product, we are able to keep classes affordable, provide timely and effective service and to get back to focusing on helping others to be inspired to share about language and culture.

Thanks, Mailmeteor! Special thanks to your team! We highly appreciate everything you do and recommend your service to others looking for communication solutions.

Website: https://mailmeteor.com/

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