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Meet Kyhl – GLN Leadership Fellow

It takes a lot to keep the gears of GLN turning, and our Leadership Fellows are an instrumental part of the machinery behind the scenes. Now that our current team is comfortably settled in here, we’ll do brief profiles of our fellows over...
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Word of the Week: Teacher

Happy National Teachers’ Day! Outside of our families, few people have a greater effect on the courses our lives take than our teachers. How many of us have chosen our paths in life because we were taught, or encouraged, or challenged by a great teacher?...
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Probably, it goes without saying that GLN loves languages. But if you know GLN well, you also know that for us languages are most beautiful because of the connections they let us form with each other, and for this reason (as if anyone really needs...
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Word of the Week: Beer

In case you’ve somehow missed it, Oktoberfest is in full swing in Germany and around the world. Oktoberfest is a rich tradition born over 200 years ago in Munich, and for many people it is synonymous with German culture. Of course for about as many...
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