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More Languages = Better Brains!

If you’ve learned another language, you’ve not only benefited yourself, but your brain too! Research has shown that those who’ve learned another language as adults showed higher rational thinking skills in the second language, more dense gray matter, and even delayed onset of Alzheimer’s...

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Donate Your Deposit to Win an Adventure!

DR-1"I knew that my small donation would make a difference"

"Congrats! You're a Dream Vacation Grand Prize Winner!" It took a few seconds for me to realize what I was reading. I had taken a Mandarin Foreigner class at...
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5 Easy Ways to Work on Your Language Skills

At some point or another, you've probably had to take classes in another language. U.S. high schools require that graduates study the same language for at least two years, and for most students, this is either French or Spanish. In a society as multicultural as...
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