Our Role in Ending Racism

As global citizens we all have a moral obligation and a real responsibility to end racism wherever we see it. This year the United States has seen numerous police killings of African Americans, a spike in attacks on Asians (due to accusations against China being responsible for the spread of Covid-19), a spike in attacks on immigrants, and the most abuse and violent attacks against Jews than any recent years. 

We all want to live in a peaceful world of co-existence, but what are we practically doing about it?

Protesting can mobilize the masses, and can even get the attention of politicians, but to create a lasting change, we need to do much more.

With our mission of “using language as a tool to help fix our world,” Global Language Network is not just promoting cross-cultural dialogue. GLN is leading a revolution of like-minded changemakers who want to live in a peaceful world of co-existence and realize that the first step is understanding, respecting, and valuing those who are different from us. Without this first step, our voices–no matter how loud or how many–will not be heard.

Please tell your friends and family to come join us for classes at Global Language Network. Not because you or our little non-profit are focused on marketing or money–(which is evident by the fact that we reinvest 50% of our revenue and graciously give it back to our students). Rather, we need to mobilize the masses to take action on a regular basis–because protesting once or twice on the streets simply does not do justice to all the victims of racism, bigotry, abuse, and violence. 

We need to mobilize our friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers, to take a GLN class now because the more people who internalize the need to become a global citizen, the need to value and respect diversity, the need to not just take a class, but use their new skills in language, communication, and cross-cultural understanding to then give back to society in a meaningful way–the more people who embrace this will surely create a lasting impact.

At GLN, we do not just teach a language. We are building ourselves as individuals, inside and outside of the classroom, with the intention that if we can just change the way we think about those who look, think, or behave differently from us, and we can embrace that every human being has equal value and deserves equal rights; if we can just change the way we see the world, we can impact those around us–in our family and our community, our community will impact our city, our city will impact our state, our state will impact our nation, and our nation can then truly change the world.

It is a privilege to work with you–our staff, volunteers, teachers, partners, and everyone supporting our mission of “using language as a tool to help fix our world” as we continue our work towards peaceful co-existence and equality. 

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As always, I am eternally grateful and humbled by the opportunity to serve you.
Andrew Brown
Founder and Executive Director
President and Chairman of the Board

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