Foodie Friday–Kadaif!

Happy Friday Everyone!  Do you have plans for the long weekend?  How about making a scrumptious treat!?


On a recent trip to New York, I tried Kadaif, a Mediterranean pastry made out of shredded phyllo dough and sweetened ricotta cheese.  Check out the restaurant’s recipe shown in this YouTube video: Video:  How-to-Make-Kadaif.

While the recipe above is a Greek version of the sweet, this pastry appears to also be popular in the Middle East, albeit under different names and with varying ingredients.  Here’s a Turkish take on this delicious dessert:  Kadayif Recipe.

Happy baking and don’t forget to share your own foodie finds!

(Have a recipe you’d like to share? Tell us about it and we’ll feature it on a Foodie Friday!)

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