Georgian Culture: Not a ‘Southern’, but a Caucasus State.

I am Georgian and I was raised in western Georgia so I represent the western Georgian culture. I majored both in psychology and linguistics and usually like to connect these two fields. I love animals and feel very strongly about protecting them.

Why someone should take Georgian over the summer!?- Because Georgian is just as good as any other European languages.Georgian is very interesting language – as many of my students say it is not like any other languages – it has evolved and developed in isolation from other language families and it also has very old unique script which according to new research dates back to several millenniums. There is one fact that very few people know – there are 4 Georgian languages – not dialects, but actual languages – only one of them is officially used for education, but other languages are also spoken and used.

I actually speak 3 out of 4 Georgian languages which is not very common among Georgians. I am also native in Russian and speak some German, Italian and can read and write Farsi–at least I could at some point! I loooove Italy and Italian culture. I adore french poetry – Francois Viglion is one of my favorite poets ever. I feel very connected to Polish culture and history, and the place where I feel completely at home is Istanbul.

Favorite phrase in Georgian is “ramdeni enats itsi, imdeni katsi khar” -” რამდენი ენაც იცი, იმდენი კაცი ხარ”- which means you are as many men as many languages you know. So if anyone wants to raise a little Georgian inside them – I want to support that. :))

–Anna Petriashvili Pastore


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  1. Aaron Miller

    გამარჯობა ანა.

    ჩემი სახელი აარონი. I was an English teacher in the Samegrelo Region.

    I had a great time in my village, Abasha; I was fortunate enough to live with an amazing and caring host family. Because of them, I was able to learn a lot of Georgian and the beautiful history of the country.

    I would love to speak with you more about Sarqartvelo and the Georgian community here in DC.

    Hope all is well.


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