GLN Wants You to Do More in 24

On June 6th, donate to the GLN.

The GLN is joining forces with other area nonprofits and the United Way of the National Capital Area for a region wide day of giving: Do More 24. On Thursday, June 6th we will work together to help change the lives of those in need in 24 hours. The money raised will support additional classroom space, language course offerings, and special GLN community events.

Donate on June 6th:

Why should you do more in 24 for the Global Language Network?

Our Vision is to connect and empower people through language and culture. This continues to be our focus and the main driver of our success!

Since 2008, the GLN has brought the gift of language to more than 6,000 students. We continue to offer affordable language classes in more than 60 languages by engaging more than 80 volunteer native speakers and training them to teach their language and culture in the GLN community.

The GLN stands on a unique three pillar model that has help us achieve such an amazing accomplishment in a short period of time:

  1. Dedicated Teachers;
  2. A Communicative Approach; and
  3. Fostering a Learning Community.


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