Goodbye But Not Farewell

Krista Westerlund came to GLN as a Leadership Fellow, worked as the Program Coordinator and then as the Mission Advocate / Corporate Manager at Global Language Network. As an enthusiast of global communication, she fully embraces GLN’s mission and willingly shares about the incredible experience she has both enjoyed and gained in GLN’s Staff over three years.

With a heavy heart but an enlightened mind, I am saying au revoir, adiós, Auf Wiedersehen, güle güle, مع السلامة, До свидания, Iki, Hejdå, Ciao, זייַ געזונט, さようなら, 再见, Hvala, Cześć, Αντιο and goodbye in many more languages. At Global Language Network, I have had an amazing opportunity to interact with so many dedicated people sharing mutual inspiration about coming together to create learning, to address global issues, to interact and understand each other, and to make very genuine connections.

From the moment that I arrived at GLN in April of 2018, I felt at home in a space where so many people are brought together to celebrate each other, to grow professionally and as individuals and to focus on the contributions that we can make in the world, thanks to language learning. Every day, I have worked with people who encouraged me to give generously of my time, energy, intellect and goodwill as they did as well. Likewise, in this dynamic space for three years, I have been truly at home.

At GLN, I have gained leadership skills, learned empathic decision-making, developed initiative, critical thinking & problem-solving skills, and I have learned to combine flexibility, strategic thinking, hard work and embracing new challenges for shared goals. Likewise, I gained experience in a range of functions across many different areas and developed many skills both independently and through teamwork. I recommend the Leadership Fellowship, Teaching Fellowship, and Programs of Classes to those hoping to reach their full potential and to bring global experience into their lives.

Having gone through GLN’s program as a Leadership Fellow, Program Coordinator & as Mission Advocate, I have worked in many different sides of the program, supporting many key aspects of bringing language learners together. Together, we have faced challenges, explored new areas to expand GLN’s mission, and brought learning to students through hundreds of classes, expanded class offerings and initiatives.

I would like to personally thank everyone who has worked so hard with me, who has believed in me, and who continues to cheer for me as I take flight on my next journey. I remain open to staying in touch with GLN. I would especially like to thank the Executive Director, the Board of Directors, the Program Team, the Teaching Fellows and everyone that I have had the pleasure of working & learning for or with. 

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance.” – Albert Einstein

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