Learn Korean Through Alphabet Song, Custom and Food

KoreandinnerHere in GLN, we provide an environment where people can learn, share and connect through languages and cultures while we also like to make our classes fun and enjoyable.

Our Korean Foreigner class teacher Kyung-Hwa Martin successfully created a fun and an interactive environment that used music, video tutorials, photos and games to help building student’s verbal communication skills. Check out this video where the teacher taught the Korean Alphabet Song to help students memorize the Korean characters as well as the pronunciation!

Another important aspect in the Korean class was that every class highlighted a couple of significant cultural custom. For example, people are to be addressed with proper honorifics based on age or status. Also certain hand gestures we typically use in the U.S. may mean something completely different in Korea. The cultural notes widened the students’ horizon.

Here are just a few students’ testimonials from the Korean Foreigner class:

Noah: “Our teacher is great and engaging! Her teaching helps me remember the words and phrases.”

Lucy: “My favorite word in this class is 힘내세요, pronounced him nae se yo. It means cheer up! No matter how hard the class is, 힘내세요!”

Gabby: “This class is really enjoyable! The teacher is approachable. Everyone is here because he/she wants to be.”

Learning a language is no easy task and that’s why this Korean class made sure the students were having fun together. As to celebrate the end of the semester and practice food ordering, teacher Kyung-Hwa organized a field trip to Centreville, Virginia. Students spoke Korean to order Korean BBQ and traditional dishes in an authentic Korean restaurant, Soowongalbi  (see photo on top). Afterwards, the whole crew ate shaved ice and authentic desserts in a Korean bakery. The food journey was a great celebration to conclude the efforts put towards the 12-week class!

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