Offers Access to Thousands of Poems in Over 50 Languages

Photo Courtesy: Literaturwerkstatt

Photo Courtesy: Literaturwerkstatt is a multilingual poetry website sponsored by Berlin’s Literaturwerkstatt (literature workshop).  Through audio recordings, users can experience poems recited in the original language, accompanied by at least one text translation. A result of the work of over 800 poets, at present there are 7,844 poems, 58 mother tongues and 10,660 translations available for the website’s visitors .


“ has successfully addressed the seemingly impossible task of linking poetry, the oldest literary art form there is, with the newest form of communication, the Internet.  At the push of a button it is now possible to listen to poems read by the author in his or her native tongue.  When spoken by the human voice, the sound, melody and rhythm of a poem are transformed into music.

Needless to say, poems are related to the real world and have their own inherent meaning. You can also read them in translation as you would do in a multilingual anthology.”

The link to the website features a database of poems and recordings that can be arranged by author name, language, text edition and translation.



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