Media Monday–All about the Sun!

Good Morning All!  Hope you had a great weekend.  Did any of our readers catch the Solar Eclipse?  Unless you reside in or traveled to Asia or the U.S. West Coast, you probably were not able to fully enjoy this rare event.  Whether you did or not, you can delight in some midnight sun from one of D.C.’s greats, Chuck Brown: Chuck Brown:  “GOGO SWING,MIDNIGHT SUN,MOODY’S MOOD”

Unfortunately, the Godfather of Go-go, as he became known, passed away on May 16.  His tremendous musical legacy lives on and is particularly cherished in our region.  For more about Chuck Brown and go-go music (a subgenre of funk uniquely popular to D.C.) check out his web site:  Have a sunny week!

(Is there a foreign language film/song/book/etc you’re crazy about? Share it with us and it could be featured on G-Blogodaria!)

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  1. R.I.P Chuck Brown. We are losing some many talented people this year. First Donna Summers,Robin Gibb, and now Chuck. These people are definitely going to be missed.

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