Media Monday–Quase Um Segundo!

Good Morning, GLNers!

“Almost a Second” is a Portuguese song about missing someone you love.  A member of our community shared it as her favorite so take a listen:  YouTube:  “Quase Um Segundo”.  If you would like to see English translation of the lyrics, click here.

Have a Happy Monday!

(Is there a foreign language film/song/book/etc you’re crazy about? Send it to us and it could be featured on G-Blogodaria!)

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  1. Hi Rune, Thanks for your comment, too!Re “Dog Days” – Here in the U.S., hot sumemr days are referred to as “Dog Days.” Since, generally speaking, August is the hottest month, August days are often the Dog Days of Summer. Hence, the panting dogs trying to keep cool during the “Dog Days” of sumemr.I should probably write a post about how the word “dog” is used so much in the English language. “Dog fights” often refer to war planes fighting each other; people say they “worked like a dog” and that they are “tired as a dog.” 🙂

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