Meet Kyhl – GLN Leadership Fellow

It takes a lot to keep the gears of GLN turning, and our Leadership Fellows are an instrumental part of the machinery behind the scenes. Now that our current team is comfortably settled in here, we’ll do brief profiles of our fellows over the next month or so. First is… me, I guess.

It is time to reveal that despite what my WordPress credentials say, I am, in fact, not Antone. My name is Kyhl, and I am the GLN Leadership Fellow who has been running the blog for the last month or so. Over the years I’ve studied abroad in Germany, India, and Scotland; and I graduated from The College of William and Mary last May with a BA in Economics and English Literature. What follows is my interview with some of our other fellows. You can learn a little more about us by checking the profiles on our website.


Sofia: What do you like most about interning for GLN?

Kyhl: Well, Sofia, I haven’t been here long, but so far there is a lot that I’m enjoying. For one thing, every day is a little bit different. Of course, I’ve gotten to write a lot, but I’ve also worked with spreadsheets and customer service. It keeps you on your toes, which I appreciate. More than that, though, I have enjoyed the people I am working with. Everyone here is interesting and, even more importantly, committed to what we are trying to do here. This isn’t just a job or internship for any of us. We’re really trying our best to make the world better.

Caitlin: How has GLN helped you discover new cultures?

Kyhl: I’m getting to work with people from around the world. Even our intern team is pretty international. I’m learning a lot about Germany from Jacki [Leadership Fellow], for example. It turns out that Disney put out a cartoon in the 90’s that was big in Germany called Gummi Bears. It was about a magical race of little bears that can bounce really high after drinking gummiberry juice. That’s the sort of gem that is hard to find anywhere else.

Jess: What is your favorite project so far?

Kyhl: I think I have most enjoyed writing the Pied Piper piece. I’m a little sad to say it hasn’t gotten loads of traffic over social media but I had a lot of fun putting it together.

Caitlin: What are your plans after GLN?

Kyhl: I am currently beginning the process for applying to PhD programs in American studies. I’m hoping to study American ideas about class and economics, especially as they manifest themselves in literature. So I guess my plan is to go to grad school and hopefully after that to teach and continue writing and researching.


If you are interested in applying for a position at GLN, click here! Interviewing will start in December.

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