Now Offering Personalized Online Learning Experiences!

Want your own Virtual Language Classroom to learn languages with your family, friends or coworkers? Are you looking for a personalized experience with those you already know?

Global Language Network (GLN) Can Bring the Language Class to You!

We know that in times like these, you are, like us, turning to virtual platforms to gather with others whether for work, fitness, social connection or more. 

Now there is a way for you and your network to learn languages together, more affordably than ever. The same energetic, engaging learning experience that GLN is loved for on Yelp can now be privately yours for the first time!

Whatever language you are wanting to learn, bring together your social network to learn together online and GLN will bring the teacher, curriculum and unbeatable language-learning rates! Need help with this? Ask us by emailing Learn@TheGLN.Org or by completing the NEW GLN Private Online Class Request Form.

With GLN, you and those you want to learn with will receive language instruction at a convenient schedule. We will match you with an excellent teacher in our network and facilitate fun and educational experiences for your group. In this way, GLN will organize private classes for your group. 

With a GLN private class, you can focus on the language goals that matter to you and those you care about. Together, you can collaborate with the teacher for a rewarding and enriching experience.

GLN’s affordable pricing will be in place depending on the size of your group and the language that you would like to learn. Ask us for details. Want a smaller private class? Just pay the difference to have the class to yourselves.

We are here to facilitate your learning with the ability to take you from a beginner to advanced. 

Want a specific dialect or focus on a specific country or region? Let GLN know! GLN is a truly global network with 15 years of experience bringing people together through language. 

Now this can be a personalized experience for you. There is no other online language experience like GLN. Find out more in a GLN private class for your network.

Let us know your language needs so that you can start your learning journey now!

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