Silesian Gone Viral: The Rise of Polish Dialect Memes


This recent blog post from Lexiophiles discusses the increased prevalence of internet memes in Polish dialects, a trend that began in 2012.   Among the dialects featured in these memes are Goral (spoken in southern Poland), Silesian (southwest Poland), and Podlasie (eastern Poland).  

In the case of the the Silesian internet memes, the blog mentions that they are the product of “the growing awareness of Silesians’ own ethnic and linguistic heritage” that had “recently led to calls for more recognition on the official level, and among other things, the creation of the absolutely official Silesian Wikipedia.  Another reason for the growing appeal of these memes in Silesian is that “Internet-era Silesian humour, combined with the widely stereotyped lingo, proved a magnet not only to Silesians, but also to everyone else who half-understood their utterances.”

For examples of Silesian memes, as well as of the other dialects featured in this post, the links below will lead you to a facebook page specializing in memes related to one of these dialects:    

Gorals memes:
Silesian memes:
Podlasie memes: howorymoposwojomu

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