Special Meeting 12/7/2017

Special Meeting 12/7/2017: Private Board Discussion Regarding Staff Compensation

GLN Board of Directors President and Chairman Andrew Brown discussed compensation for GLN’s Program Coordinator with Board Members Richard Sawaya (Secretary), Bennard Cann (Treasurer), Ilya Budik, and Charles Maslin.

Brown also discussed recent move from 1720 I St. location to new location in DuPont. 

Brown additionally shared the news of a second office location that he managed to secure at a downtown WeWork location and mentioned that he made numerous presentations at WeWork locations throughout DC to build hosting relationships with companies based out of DC-area WeWorks.

Lastly, Brown commended the hard work of Program Coordinator Bailey Wiles, who assisted Brown in the logistics of the office move and also assisted Brown (and another volunteer) with the physical move. Brown proposed a $1,000 bonus to express gratitude and appreciation for Bailey’s work. Brown asked the Board to vote on the bonus. The Directors voted unanimously to offer Bailey Wiles a $1,000 bonus for her work as Program Coordinator. No conflicts of interest were involved with the deliberation or vote. 

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