Speak Now, or Forever Study Grammar

What are the key factors in learning a new language?  Peter with the blog Creativity & Languages has summarized six that stand out:

  1. Motivation
  2. Regular practice
  3. Emotional involvement
  4. Playfulness and willingness to make mistakes
  5. Humble approach – The basic first
  6. Grammar is secondary to practice, theory is secondary to practice.

Factor number six is arguably the most important, as he elaborates “that second language acquisition is more successful when it imitates children language acquisition. Children do not learn grammar first and then how to speak, they learn how to speak by a trial and error process which involve constant engaging with their environment. Children do not learn reading by starting to read literature. They learn to read by starting to read simple single words, and then simple single sentences. ”

In the end, speaking a language regularly will produce the quickest results, no matter how much you study grammar.


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