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GLN Celebrates Annual Celebration at Marvin Center

The Global Language Network’s annual celebration took place this past Thursday at George Washington University’s Marvin Center.  Assistant Director Zarko Palankov highlighted GLN’s accomplishments over the past year, with special recognition given to the increased role of volunteers and student participation in the organization’s success.  Various speakers emphasized the hands-on, flexible teaching approach that GLN Founder and Executive Director Andrew Brown infused into GLN and its contribution to a more enjoyable educational and social experience for course participants.  They mentioned the newly established Teaching Fellowship program as a valuable training resource for teachers to improve upon their current success.

Further recognition was given to the success of various GLN-sponsored events throughout the course of the year, among them the Asian Language Immersion Mixer, a Global Languages and Cultures Festival, and over 15 other get-togethers.  The evening concluded with two student performances, beginning with a group singing of the Brazilian love song “Carinhosa” and closing with “Bao Bei,” a Mandarin lullaby.