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Today is Tuesday.

Happy Tuesday, folks! As I’m sure you are aware, Tuesdays are usually dedicated to a translation tidbit/story, or featured students and teachers. Well, since we haven’t been receiving too many “lost in translation” stories (and haven’t stumbled into any awkward translation moments ourselves recently), we’re...
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Travel Thursday!

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: the last installment of Duke's adventure teaching English in Spain! Day Five: 80 Hours of Teaching English Yup, that's what our certificates say. 80 hours of volunteer teaching with VaughanTown. This program has been great. Although I had...
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Translation Tuesday!

Ever have a lost in translation moment? When you thought you were saying one thing, but in reality something completely different was coming out of your mouth? Something unexpected and pretty inappropriate? …Yeah, me either. Definitely not. Except…oh, wait. There was that one time. Silly me. I was but...
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