Teacher Tuesday: Meet Emmi!

Grande Bellezza movie night with EmmiTeaching Fellow Emmi Tewksberry-Volpe was an early adopter of GLN. Back in 2006 when GLN was still a club at GW University and Emmi was a college freshman homesick for her hometown of Naples, she taught her very first Italian course. Seven years later, she is volunteering yet again.

This spring semester, Emmi taught Italian Foreigner and represented GLN at G-Fest by giving 20 minute mini-lessons.

Emmi’s love of teaching is complemented by her students’ willingness to participate. From espresso meet-ups to movie nights, Emmi was able to organize great events with her students and even bring them to G-Fest with a prize-winning class project. You can see Emmi, center, with her students, as they drink the classic Italian apertif, an Aperol spritz. She and her students gathered to watch the 2014 Oscar winning movie, La Grande Bellezza.

Although Italian is her native language, Emmi speaks Russian, French, and Spanish to varying degrees of fluency. After studying abroad in Russia, Emmi came back to GLN as a student and took the Russian Nearly Native course  to keep up her language skills. Beyond growing up in Italy, Emmi has spent time studying and volunteering in  Russia, Romania, and Croatia. Sign up for Italian lessons and get the chance to ask Emmi about her travels in person!

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