Andreanna Mond – Leadership Fellow

Andreanna Mond views cultural intelligence as a pathway to peace and is passionate about national and international immersive opportunities as playing a large part in that process. She firmly believes that if people are able to gain an understanding of and a respect for the history and cultures of different people groups, it would create an openness that would lead to dialogue and potentially peaceful coexistence (she also realizes that she is a dreamer). For this reason, she has applied herself to contributing to different opportunities, such as serving as an AmeriCorps Volunteer, where she worked with primarily immigrant youth in Minnesota and serving as the Y20 US Delegate to the priority area of Global Citizenship. She recently graduated with a Master’s in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from Arcadia University where she learned more about how conflicts become intractable and why trauma healing and restorative justice are integral to solving them. She currently serves as a content creator for the website Al Fusaic, where she co-hosts a podcast about learning the Arabic language.