Gabriella Marroquín – Leadership Fellow

Gabriella Marroquín is a senior at The George Washington University studying Anthropology and International Affairs, with a focus on International Development. Born and raised in New York as a first-generation child to two immigrant parents from El Salvador, she grew up in a bi-lingual and multicultural household. At a young age she travelled abroad as a student ambassador. This experience, along with the love for her culture, sparked her passion for languages, cultures, global issues, social justice, education, and humanity. In addition to Spanish and English, she has studied Italian and Arabic, and is currently learning her culturally significant language of Náhuat (an endangered language belonging to the Náhuat people of El Salvador). She hopes to one day add Korean and Japanese to her repertoire. 

In her free time, Gabriella enjoys the arts, cooking, running, spending time in nature with her dog, and spending time with her family and friends. She is excited to share her passions while working as a Leadership Fellow towards GLN’s mission of promoting peace through language in a changing global society.