Juan Cruz Ferreyra Ramil – Leadership Fellow

Juan is a 23 year old recent Tourism Management graduate from Argentina. He is proficient in five different languages (Spanish, English, Romanian, Portuguese, and Arabic) and he is currently learning German. Juan is looking forward to this Leadership Fellowship opportunity with GLN because he is excited for a challenging and rewarding experience in his field of study where he can make the most of his multiple language communication skills and gain new experiences along the way. 

Throughout the years Juan has worked in the fields of tourism, translation and interpretation where he has gained teamwork experience in various high-stress situations which have helped him improve his problem solving skills. 

Because of his passion for language learning, Juan had the opportunity to be granted a scholarship to study in New Zealand. This was a great place for him to improve upon his English language skills significantly. Upon his return to Argentina, he studied Translation and Interpretation. Though his studies were cut short due to unexpected health reasons, he still felt confident in the knowledge and skills he gained in his course that allowed him to later pursue careers in those fields. Juan worked as an interpreter for various groups and translated research documents from the Scientific Council of Argentina, fostering the sharing of knowledge between scientists in Argentina and abroad which aided in the development of the countries involved. 

Juan started studying Arabic in 2017 and by 2019, he was working as a part-time substitute teacher. He also helped his Arabic language teacher work with the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with translations from Arabic into Spanish. Additionally, for the last year and a half, Juan has been learning Romanian. 

Juan believes that the skills that he has gained with his experiences will make him a positive asset to GLN and he is very excited to be a part of the organization to continue learning and growing professionally.