Kezia Alves-Bradford – Leadership Fellow

Kez Alves graduated in Business Management by the Sao Paulo State College of Technology, Brazil. She is specialized in Business Strategy and holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication with majors in Advertising and Marketing.

She was born in Sao Paulo city and grew up in a small town called Cruzeiro, also in Sao Paulo State.
Always engaged in community projects, Kezia was involved in different cultural projects in her hometown. As a student at a nonprofit music school, volunteer at a community school as an English teacher, managed meetings for book club with the local youth, and also assisted in the organization of art/cultural events in her community once monthly.
Kezia grew up in a very conservative and strict environment, which led her to appreciate the importance of access to information, equality, and non-violent communication. She is passionate about women empowerment, human rights, LBTQ+ causes.
She started an exchange program experience in the US as an au pair. Such experience taught her to have better understanding of different cultures, language improvement, communicate assertively and continuously challenge herself for better personal and professional growth.
Outspoken, determined, and always willing to learn. In the meantime, of social distance and immigration process, she put her attention in learning about climate change, gender and environment, women empowerment and volunteered at Historic Manassas Inc giving support in the front desk and tourist orientation.
Kezia volunteered in a sustainable farm as a Worldpacker in California. Which experience had great value to her as being part of a sustainable environment, humane leadership and community values.
Today, the US is her current home place and she is thrilled volunteering in a nonprofit that facilitates communication between people, which positively impacts many lives.