Krista Westerlund, Mission Advocate

Krista E. Westerlund came to the GLN team as part of the Internship program, moved up to the Leadership Fellowship, and eventually was offered the full-time position of Program Coordinator. After more than ten months of hard work and dedication in the role of Program Coordinator, Krista was offered the role of Mission Advocate and Corporate Manager in effort to support GLN’s continued growth.

Krista has spent most of her life traveling in a search to understand as much as she can and to apply that knowledge whenever possible for the benefit of others. Born in the Midwest, she moved to the DC metro area at a young age where she was educated before moving to the UK and Europe. She graduated summa cum laude in International Relations from Richmond, The American International University in London before earning her Master’s in Politics and Government of the European Union at London School of Economics and Political Science. Her interest is in the interplay between politics, economics, and international relations.

Krista’s professional background is in contracting with non-profit industry associations in industries including insurance, finance, global pharmaceuticals and medical products. She has also worked with law firms with a focus on international trade. Additionally, she has experience in real estate, working with diverse and international clients to negotiate solutions. Krista has considerable experience in marketing, membership management, and communications. She is also a freelance writer.

What is her favorite word? It is “context” because within that word is the key to understanding people and so much of our world. Krista’s second language is French, she sometimes reads French literature. She has also studied some Italian, Russian, Swedish, Balkan dialects and other languages at various times. Krista has participated in many internationally-focused organizations and events in the DC area including GLN. She enjoys a varied and wonderful social network and a range of interests. She loves traveling and learning about regions extensively, perpetually interested in learning more.