Ruth Tabaku – Leadership Fellow

Ruth is a native Washingtonian who is passionate about learning about and experiencing languages and cultures, public service, and helping to make the world a better place. With an Albanian-speaking father from Kosovo, Ruth has been fortunate to spend time in Kosovo (in fact, her family has a house there!). Ruth received her bachelor’s degree from Temple University in Philadelphia having majored in Global Studies with a concentration in Global Cultures. For her capstone paper required for graduation, Ruth conducted a comparative study of the countries that complied most and least with the international environmental agreement, the Kyoto Protocol. Ruth speaks conversational Spanish and has studied in Barcelona and Sevilla, Spain. She also had the opportunity to visit her best friend’s grandparents’ coffee farm (“la finca de cafe”) in the mountainous town of Santa Rosa, Guatemala. In her free time, Ruth likes to practice her Spanish, cook, hike, write, and play with her Saint Bernard pup, Sargent Pepper!