The GLN Revolution

This generation has been termed the most selfish, narcissistic generation of all time.GWAA-award-09h

While that may be an exaggeration, the unfortunate reality is that generosity and altruism are often replaced by self-entitlement, self-absorption, and selfishness. Latest trends in society have an obsession with self—and ‘selfies’. Everything is about ME, ME, ME—everything is I-phone, I-pod, I-everything; I, I, I, me, me, me. This is the biggest challenge to GLN’s mission and vision, because when trends of society push people to be only interested in themselves and take for themselves, not only is it a challenge to get them interested in the language and culture of someone else but it is near impossible to get them to give back and contribute to our organization and to society. I’m sure none of us want to live in a society where the popular trends push people to be takers.

What type of society do you want to live in?

I want to live in a society of givers. In a society of givers GLN will thrive and achieve unimagined heights. This is the precise reason why Global Language Network is going to lead a rebellion against the trends of this generation. This rebellion is going to change DC and eventually the world.

Our rebellion against the trends of society is all about GIVING. Every aspect of GLN is all about giving, we are a Network of Givers.

Why do hundreds of GLN teachers volunteer their time and energy? They are busy people and yet find time to teach a class of 20 complete strangers. Because we are a Network of Givers.

Why do professionals with highly-trained skills and busy jobs volunteer hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of time to help GLN strategically? Because we are a Network of Givers.

Why does our staff go far above and beyond the standard 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday workweek? Because we are a Network of Givers.

Power and money are basic human needs.

Giving is also a basic human need—with one difference—it is eternal. Most people waste their entire lives chasing power and money, only to find that it fades and does not provide the meaning and fulfillment that they had hoped. Look at Bill Gates. He is worth nearly $80 billion and what does he do with his time now? He gives. He spent his whole life killing himself for power and money and only began to realize 20 years into his career that giving makes us complete while power and money always leave us lacking and unsatisfied. Why do you and I need to kill ourselves for the power and money of Bill Gates—which we could never attain—when we can already reach the end goal today?

Becoming a Giver is infinitely more rewarding than chasing power and money.

If we focus on giving, not only will we change DC, and eventually change the world, we will change ourselves. We will transform ourselves into givers—and by changing ourselves we will be able to change our families, our communities, our societies, and our entire world. As you see, the investment in GLN is even greater than we thought!

We are going to start a Revolution and a Rebellion with GLN and I want you to be part of it. Find out how YOU can become a GIVER with GLN today!

Give! –Volunteer! –Teach!

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