The GLN: Transcending Cultural Barriers, Creating a Community through Language


An aspiring polyglot, learning Russian is a goal of mine that I have long desired to fulfill.  After completing my Russian Foreigner class with GLN this spring, I came away with more than than new Russian vocabulary and grammar.  Through interactions with my teachers and classmates, I also developed a stronger appreciation of Russian culture.  Because many of the class participants had already studied some Russian, traveled or lived in a Russian-speaking country, or had a Russian acquaintance, I was able to draw upon a wealth of diverse experiences to get the most out of my time in the classroom.  Whether we were discussing Russian proverbs, holiday traditions or food recipes, there was often someone with a personal story to tell.

Because of GLN’s desire to create a community focused classroom environment, the organization’s low cost price model encourages this diversity of students that may otherwise be discouraged from enrolling.  
To keep these costs low, GLN relies on donations in addition to the work of its many volunteers.  Please consider helping us with our mission this Thursday, June 6th, by donating to our Do More in 24 campaign.  This 24-hour crowd funding campaign, co-organized with the United Way, will last from 12:00am until 11:59pm.  Your support will also enable us to continue offering courses in over 60 languages, find additional classroom space, and organize events for the GLN community.  

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