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Krista Westerlund, Mission Advocate, shares about the connection between global development, language and economics that is facilitated by The Global Language Network in Washington, DC. Based on her international experience, she recognizes the interconnection of the world’s political economy and at GLN she is learning more about the role that language plays in that dialectic. 

Where can you find many of the fastest growing economies of the world? The Global Language Network this Fall, in a class  …

Many of the world’s fastest growing economies are represented this fall at The Global Language Network including classes that are enrolling now. From the burgeoning energy economies in Africa to the growing purchasing power found in Asia and the buoyant growth of Latin-American business in the US and beyond, language-learning is the key to understanding and reaching the growing economies of the world. This is because learning to communicate in different languages allows for more effective networking, developing insights that can only be gained from interacting with native speakers, and by building confidence in a multicultural professional environment.

The Global Language Network is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to the mission of, “Using language as a tool to help fix our world.” This happens by creating a unique forum for accessible and open global understanding in Washington, DC. Learning at GLN helps you professionally and also supports GLN’s global mission that starts locally. 

Through understanding more of the world, you can open doors to dynamic parts of the world and to the organizations in Washington, DC, and globally, that are working on issues concerning those regions. Organizations in Washington, DC, appreciate the language skills that GLN students gain in classes which is why GLN is part of a growing movement of globalism among Washington, DC’s young professionals and more established careerists in fields ranging from consulting, to government, to nonprofit organizations, and more. 

Washington, DC, is an increasingly diverse city of people drawn from around the world to understand the rest of the world and to work together.

Be part of that change by viewing the schedule and enrolling in a class in GLN’s 6 Week Executive Sessions by submitting an application in your student account. Classes are enrolling this November.

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