The Golden Door of Colombia

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Anie Bianco, 2019 GLN Leadership Fellow, shares about the sites and culture that can be found in her home city, Barranquilla, Colombia. This is just one of the many exciting places that you can explore through learning the Spanish language with The Global Language Network.

When speaking about Colombian tourism, Barranquilla is a city that shines through with its Caribbean rays of sunshine. Being born in this city certainly qualifies me to recommend some of the hidden gems you won’t regret catching when visiting the Puerta de Oro de Colombia (“Golden door of Colombia”). Here are some not very known ones that will be a sight to see.

Puente Pumarejo (Pumarejo Bridge)

Being the only land communication between the two cities of Santa Marta and Barranquilla, it is one of the coast’s most important communication routes. It is currently under construction for remodeling and it is a unique spot to admire the Magdalena River.

Calle 72 con 46 (Street 72 with 46)

This location is full of the richest sights in the city. Them including the Plaza de los Musicos where you will find statues of the well-known Joe Arroyo, one of the most famous Salsa composers and singers in Latin culture. You’ll also get a glance at the statue of Barranquilla native singer, Shakira. Right next to this lively park, which also can be filled with street performers honoring the vibe of the place, you will inevitably get a glance of the Romelio Martinez Stadium. And underneath the building, on the other side of the stadium you can find the Artisan Fair, filled with colorful pieces of craftsmanship and unique street and wall art. And as you walk all the way to the end of the street you will encounter the Central Station of the Transmetro, the bus system that covers most of the Barranquilla metropolitan area and some of Soledad, a nearby city.

El Malecon de Barranquilla

This is a new addition to the many sights you could find throughout the Magdalena river. This is a sea wall against the Magdalena, it’s walkable and has a Transmetro convenient location. A very colorful and windy area to get to know one of the most influential and beneficial fluvial ways of our country.

If you visit Barranquilla you’ll be sure to remember its beauty.


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