Let’s Talk About Cheese

For many of us, cheese is an integral part of our lives. Without it, pasta pomodoro is a bit less joyous and Cheezy Stix are just Stix.

With that being said, here is the first and only time I ever regretted too much cheese in my life. It was during a trip to Rome, after I joked my vegan companion that “it looks like I’ll be eating enough cheese for the both of us tonight.”

It was a Gorgonzola-Noci (walnut) pizza. It sounded so good at the time.

Here is the pizza that has prevented me from ever eating blue cheese ever again.

I had never known cheese to deceive me. Yet this one did. Though this picture doesn’t do it justice, I estimate a half-pound of blue cheese was artfully hidden throughout this pie. And that is how one fateful Roman evening, I ate way too much gorgonzola in one sitting and left the table absolutely terrified of ever encountering it again.

So traveling GLNers, what edible things have you encountered abroad that really left an impression?


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  1. Megan

    While traveling in Turkey, I was so excited by all the exotic food and spices that I did not shy away from trying anything, even a grilled lamb intestine sandwich that smelled awesome. I lived to regret this food adventure; as it turns out, “kokorec” can be hard on the unaccustomed stomach!

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