Travel Thursday–Crimea, Україна!

Hello GLN community!  Have you been watching the Euro Cup 2012?  The soccer games have been co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine.  Here are a few photos from picturesque Ukraine:

Crimea: In the Mountains...

Crimea: Crimean Tatars brought camels to the peninsula.

Crimea: More spectacular mountain views.

Crimea: The Grand Kenyon!


Crimea: More Grand Kenyon!

Sevastopol: Sunrise view of the Black Sea Coast


Yalta: Site of the 1945 Conference that set the stage for the world post World War II.


Crimea: Highway between Simferopol (airport location) and Sevastopol (Black Sea resort town).

Did you attend any of the soccer matches?  If so, please share your experience by posting a comment below.

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