Travel Thursday–Tour around Europe!

Hello GLNers!  Here’s another free opportunity you don’t want to miss.  You can see, hear and taste 28 different cultures this Saturday, May 12 without the hustle of leaving D.C.  The Sixth Annual European Union Open House starts at 10:00 AM and concludes around 4:00 PM.  Embassies of 27 EU Member States and Croatia will feature events all day so be sure to plan your trip around the EU!  Bring a camera, your excellent language skills and an empty stomach.  Have fun and share your experiences with fellow GLNers!

(Have a travel story you’d like to share? Send it to us and it could be featured in G-Blogodaria!)

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  1. Prashanth Bhat

    I would love to attend. I need details of the itenary.

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