Useful Vocabulary for Everyday Conversation: “Waldeinsamkeit”

Every so often, we run into a concept that only the German language manages to sweetly and efficiently meld together. Today, that word is “Waldeinsamkeit.”

Ariel Goldberg over at ThoughtCatalog puts it this way:

Waldeinsamkeit is only one of many words for which this is true. It is untranslatable from German, but roughly means “the feeling of being alone in the woods.” And though I may not have known of its existence or meaning at the time, I believe that I may have come to feel it during the three months I spent traveling.

That does often feel like the case- wandering from one train station to the next, navigating through new roads and new rules. Would you say Waldeinsamkeit is a good way to describe your travel experiences, GLNers? Good thing or bad thing?

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