You may think that you’re starting to get a cold when you make the first sneeze. That may not be the case in Chinese culture though. Aside from the medical stand point, when you 打噴嚏 (sneeze) once, it’s believed that someone is thinking of you or speaking of you which carries a neutral meaning depends on how you’d like to interpret the 噴嚏.

If you continue to 打噴嚏 a few times consecutively and you know for certain that you’re not getting sick, then most likely someone is thinking or speaking of you a lot in a positive way. Isn’t it kind of fun to feel good about a sneeze?

Chinese (Mandarin): 打噴嚏, pronounced Dǎ Pēn Tì.

Chinese (Cantonese): 打乞嗤, pronounced Da Hut Chi.

To listen the words in Chinese (Mandarin), click on the blue text and you will be redirected to Google Translate.


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