Yesterday my friend and I walked by a Chinese tea shop called Ching Ching Cha in Georgetown, DC. He pointed out Ching Ching is a cute way to say “Please Please” in Chinese. Then I thought about how I would say a Chinese word in double to make it sound cute. And how my Chinese friends would call me Wing Wing just to sound cuter. It’s a common expression.

Other common double words to cuteness are “Pretty Pretty” (shown in photo), “Yes Yes”, “Bye Bye” and many more. While it sounds cuter, you may want to keep this cuteness between your family, close friends or people you know well enough instead of in a public setting because the cuteness might not fit quite right in the context. Can you think of another language that would sound cute by adding the same word or a prefix/suffix?

(Is there a word in a foreign language that you love its sound or meaning? Share it with us in a comment or email!)


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