Wow this week might be the coldest week in DC! Tuesday’s temperature was below 10 degrees and felt like -9 degrees! The line to get a hearty warm soup is longer than usual. A high volume of posts from my Facebook’s newsfeed is about how much my friends want a “Shabu Shabu” (Japanese) — a hot pot filled with a flavored soup base and your selection of different types of thinly sliced meat, seafood and vegetables, accompanied by different kinds of Asian dipping sauces. A Shabu Shabu meal is just perfect to end the night with!

Other countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Mongolia also have Shabu Shabu as their typical winter meal. They’re generalized as “Hot Pot” in the US. Find out what they’re called in their own languages below.

Planning for a nice, warm meal for the cold weekend? Be adventurous to explore and immerse yourself into Shabu Shabu/Hot Pot in the DC metro area!

Japanese: しゃぶしゃぶ, pronounced Shabu Shabu.

Chinese (Mandarin): 火鍋, pronounced Huǒ Guō.

Chinese (Mandarin in Taiwan): 涮涮鍋, pronounced Shuàn Shuàn Guō.

To listen the words in Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin), go to Google Translate, copy and paste the characters.
(Is there a word in a foreign language that you love its sound or meaning? Share it with us in a comment or email!)


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