Things We’ve Forgotten: Sending “Letters” Using “Pens”, “Paper” & “Stamps”?

Do we still remember what those are? By our own estimation, the last time we sent anything in the U.S. mail system was during college application season 6 years ago. But that doesn’t count.

TechCrunch shines the spotlight on Stephen Elliot of The Rumpus, a popular eclectic literary website. When Elliot realized that he misses letter writing, he started this new subscription program called Letters in the Mail. For 5 bucks a month, you get a cool throwback to the days when we sent letters. Actual letters. He’s enlisted the help of people you know like Marie Calloway, Margaret Cho, Sari Botton, and a bunch of others to send you a letter “almost every week.” Dave Eggers is an upcoming letter writer too.

Why bother?

“When someone reads a letter it’s generally the only thing they’re doing,” Elliott says. “They give it [their] full attention. When someone reads an email they’re often reading it on their phone while boarding a bus.”

We blog. We email. We tweet. We update.

But we shall certainly look into this slow-writing phenomenon.


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