Why Learn Languages With GLN?

Ali Tanaka, Leadership Fellow, shares why Global Language Network’s language learning approach is truly innovative. See our new schedule and register to learn and understand.

If you were given a choice between rote memorization and regurgitation and learning phrases based on themes (such as travel and eating at restaurants), which would you choose?

I was first exposed to the communicative language learning method when I began teaching adults in Japan. Teaching them relevant terminology and phrases that pertained to certain topics and situations they might encounter in their lives was something that I enjoyed. It gave me the flexibility to expand beyond the existing materials and cater to the individual’s needs and desires in order to help them fulfill their goals, regardless of whether they were learning English for pleasure or wanting to further their career.

This experience has prompted me to reflect on what sort of learning style is effective for language learning; while I am aware that everyone has their own respective learning style, I enjoy the communicative language learning method because of the fact that can be directly applied to your experiences and goals.

At GLN, we recognize that everyone has a different learning style; however, having said that, we believe that learning languages can be equally or even more effective when the communicative language learning approach is utilized.

Regardless of your motivation for learning languages, the ability to speak languages breaks down barriers. Speaking the language gives you the ability to understand more about the culture than you would if you memorized terms and sentence structure from a textbook and regurgitated them on an exam.

GLN offers 100 classes in 27 different languages, ranging from Amharic to Urdu. In addition to more common languages, such as Chinese and Spanish, we also offer other languages off the beaten path.

Learn a language and expand your horizons today!

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