The GLN Teaching Fellowship is our teacher development program. We engage talented and committed individuals who wish to teach their language and share their culture with the DC community. Selected Fellows commit to a year (three semesters) of teaching with GLN. They receive comprehensive training, ongoing coaching and support to effectively apply GLN’s communicative approach in the classroom and build our learners’ communicative competence.


The World Cup has officially ended! Congratulations Germany! We have winners of our own! Here are the winners of the GLN World Cup Bracket Challenge: Bracket Challenge #1 Winner: Miranda Proctor 2nd: Lucy Faria 3rd: Kenneth Cohen Bracket Challenge #2, aka WC Champion Challenge: Winners (we have a Tie): Vivek Gupta & Michael Parra Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all participated!


Virginia International University' (VIU)'s School of Education said, "GLN’s innovative and inspiring efforts to make high-quality instruction in such a wide variety of languages and cultures accessible to the DC-area community have not gone unnoticed..." VIU presented GLN with the Award for Community Contribution because we clicked with their hope to provide "socially responsive language programs."


The Global Language Network (GLN) is a DC-based 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide opportunities to learn any language at a minimal cost. GLN is about learning and community. We offer affordable language classes in more than 60 languages, helping thousands of learners reach their language-learning goals through high-quality instruction in a fun environment.

GLN relies on donations from our community to keep bringing the gift of language to the Washington, DC area . Make a gift to GLN today. It takes just a couple of minutes, and your donation will support and benefit GLN Teaching Fellows and their professional development. .

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Do you want to teach your language and share your culture with the DC community? Do you know anyone who might be interested? Check out our Teaching Fellowship. More Teaching Fellows means more GLN classes in more languages!

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